Great Information From Firestone and Bridgestone About Vehicle Alignments

Is It Time for a Wheel Alignment?

What You Need to Know About Tire Alignment!

Vehicle Alignment Terms

If you have noticed any unusual tire wear like what is shown. It is time to check your alignment!

You may not even have a major issue, but just a slight out of adjustment. A slight misalignment can prematurely wear your tires over time.

Toe Adjustment

With the toe adjustment out of place, it can affect the turning and driveability of your vehicle.

Camber Adjustment

Camber is another adjustment that could need to be made for proper tire wear. This adjustment alone can cause premature tire wear.

Caster Adjustment

Caster is yet another adjustment that can cause undesired tire wear.

Full Vehicle Alignment

Using Hunter Engineering Hawkeye Alignment System. We are able to do a Full Vehicle Alignment on your vehicle. We are able to see all angles that will need adjusted for the best tire wear.